Medical Tourism & Healthcare


Medical tourism, healthcare, and relaxation to make you feel perfect during your stay.

There’s absolutely nothing that we can’t fix! MG Concierge has a great team of Dentists and other Medical staff waiting for you.

Our healthcare professionals are ready to adapt to your needs and requirements: from beauty, hair, and make-up, to massage/physiotherapy. If you want a perfect little getaway from reality, we also offer Spa Centres & Pools getaway.

Our Dentists and Medical staff are here to take great care of you

Our dentists and medical staff work hard to create an environment that provides you with a different sort of care, one that also greatly values your experience.

You will always receive the high-quality, personalized care and dental work that you deserve at MG Concierge, in an environment that makes you feel completely at ease.

MG Concierge Spa centers & Pools getaway

Our clients have access to everything they could need. From the swimming pools to the spa centers that will ensure that you have everything you require for relaxation and enjoyment.

After a long day of indulging in all that your trip has to offer, there’s nothing more relaxing than soaking in a hot spa. The waters feel like wonder on your skin, and you feel rejuvenated and energized. They make the tired and worn-out feel fresh and new once more!

Indulge in a professional massage or a brief spa retreat

Relax and unwind with a massage in a tranquil environment, while knowing that everything is taken care of by our staff at the MG Concierge.

Our team of skilled and professionally trained massage therapists is fully qualified to provide a variety of massage services to our clients. While enjoying your time in Serbia’s stunning capital, you deserve to refuel your mind and body with a brief spa and beauty day, specifically tailored to your needs by MG Concierge.

We are here so you can enjoy yourself while we take care of everything else

You may also consider other MG Concierge services, such as Accommodation, Chauffeur & Transportation, Personal Trainers, Sport & Fitness, and many others.

In need of Healthcare & Relaxation services?

To feel safe and cared for during your stay in one of our destinations, knowing that your needs will be met by our professional medical staff, all you have to do is contact us or request an offer via the following link.

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