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Stay in perfect shape while you’re on your trip

Want to stay in shape for your stay in on of our destinations? MG Concierge has a variety of available gyms with modern equipment to offer you. If you are a fan of combat sports, you can join our Judo, Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, or Boxing classes. Public or private training is available as well!

Brazilian jiu-jitsu, judo, boxing, and other fitness and sport possibilities

Judo is a powerful and exciting self-defense and sport discipline. MG Concierge has classes that are available for people of all ages and abilities. We will provide beginners with basic training and allow them to progress at their own pace, so no one is out of shape to join.

Brazilian jiu-jitsu is a sport that has been linked to numerous health advantages. Learning self-defense, increasing muscular endurance and core strength, and improving flexibility are just a few of the many advantages that come from training. Not to mention reducing stress, improved body composition, increased self-esteem, and better focus and discipline.

Boxing is arguably the sport’s ultimate test of physical and mental endurance. Footwork that is lightning fast, and the ability to throw accurate, fast, and powerful punches over 12 three-minute rounds while avoiding punches from an opponent who is trying to knock you out! Public and private training with our instructors will both be available to you with MG Concierge.

Train with our world-class instructors

We invite you to exercise with our world-class instructors, who will train and teach all trainees in Brazilian jiu-jitsu, judo, boxing, or fitness. Everyone and anyone eager to learn is welcome in MG Concierge classes.

Attend as many classes as you wish to improve your progress toward your goals. Our skilled, qualified instructors have a combined experience of over 60 years in competition and training and are ready to assist you.

We are here so you can enjoy yourself while we take care of everything else

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