Private Jet & Helicopter


See how the world looks like from the sky

Fasten your seatbelt and come to the unique and luxurious trip above the clouds. Our aircraft are equipped with high-level safety and experienced pilots.

Chose your own Private Jet or Helicopter with MG Concierge and see the world from the perspective that is limited only to the luckiest ones among us. And of course, those who are taken care of by the MG Concierge!

Our expert pilots, who have years of experience in the luxury jet charter, are ready to provide you with a unique and absolutely unforgettable experience above the Serbian clouds. Not having to worry about your safety ad being comfortable for the entire trip is MG Concierge’s main goal.

High-level safety above the clouds with MG Concierge pilots

For many years, MG Concierge has provided private jets and helicopters to our clients. We provide these services in Belgrade, making it simple for you to explore all of the hidden gems and spectacular spots that can only be seen from above.

A private jet or helicopter flight above the clouds is a luxury that a few can afford, but one that MG Concierge can readily arrange for our guests. Let us take care of everything while you relax and take in the magnificent scenery right below your feet!

Be on top of the world

MG Concierge is more than just a company or a service. A truly outstanding concierge, as we like to say, makes you feel like you’re on top of the world, which is why we want to ensure that this is exactly what you get with us! On top of the world or above the clouds? MG Concierge is here to give you both while taking care of everything for you.

We are here so you can enjoy yourself while we take care of everything else

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In need of Private Jet & Helicopter services?

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