Traveling to Belgrade? 3 reasons to hire VIP concierge services!

Can you think of Belgrade’s most famous nicknames? Amongst The city that has it all and The city that never sleeps, we’d like to add another one. The city where worlds collide.

There isn’t a better name to describe Serbia’s capital. And at the end of this article, you’ll find out why.

But for now, let us tell you exactly why your trip to Belgrade will be absolutely perfect with proper VIP concierge services.

1. Belgrade has to offer much more than you think. The right concierge will know precisely what you need from Serbia’s capital

It’s one of those places that give different things to different people. Risking to get the experience that was never meant for you simply isn’t worth it. And all that just because you didn’t get the proper guidance from a professional who knows Belgrade like the back of his hand.

A concierge is someone who has the access to the most desirable places – restaurants & VIP nightclubs, luxurious yachts, wine tours, and even private jets. Someone who can show you a side of Belgrade that few people have had the opportunity to see and experience.

There’s much more to Belgrade than places that you can find with a quick Google search. Being a proud city, visited by Celts, Romans, Ottomans, and brought to eternal life by the Serbs, can you even imagine what lays hidden beneath its surface?

A truly exceptional concierge will be happy to show you.

2. Being a very busy city, help from a professional VIP concierge will prove to be beyond helpful in Belgrade

A concierge can assist you in a number of different ways, depending on your interests, budget, and special needs. Having your own private chauffeur is a luxury that you will appreciate in Belgrade’s busy streets, as the city is both large and made up of numerous municipalities.

Other than that, a concierge service will save much of your time, especially if you’re coming to Belgrade for a business trip or a brief visit.

Just imagine, after a tiring seminar or a business meeting where your only wish is to relax in some of Belgrade’s spa centers, not being able to get out of the traffic. Or worse, losing hours stuck in there and waving goodbye to a massage and a perfect spa getaway that you’ve been daydreaming of.

That’s why hiring a concierge service will be a perfect idea. It doesn’t matter whether you only need one service, such as accommodation or many more that a concierge can offer you.

We’ve come to the end! Do you finally understand why the name The city where worlds collide?

To put it simply – Belgrade manages to combine every single one of its different aspects into one, living and breathing, ancient city.

Being both one of the oldest Europe’s cities and one of Europe’s richest nightlife scenes as well.

A place where you can find every single cuisine in the world, yet a homeland to magnificent dishes like sarma, gibanica, and many others that you simply must try.

Equally old and new. Made for artists, creatives, businessmen, travelers, and seekers. Home for a lifetime or a day.

A simple stroll through Skadarlija, the bohemian street, or a walk on Kalemegdan fortress makes you feel like you’re a part of something much greater and ancient. Cobblestone streets, Dorćol where it all began and started spreading like a neverending spiral, every corner of the old city tells you that Belgrade has a soul. The ones living in it will agree, as well as the ones who visited Serbia’s capital at least once in their lifetime.

A city with an eclectic heart, pumping life force in every single way, to everyone who decides to stay in its loving streets. Even if it’s only for a day.

So, make sure you enjoy your stay in The city that has it all, to experience everything that The city that never sleeps can offer you, and to fall in love with The place where worlds collide.

And if you are completely sure that this is the experience you want to take home with you, contact MG Concierge. Our only mission is to show you how extraordinary of a city Belgrade really is.